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CSEA services include:
- Location of Non-Custodial  

- Paternity Establishment
- Establish /Modify Support

- Collecting Payments and/or

- Enforcement of Support

    Orders, Medical Support

    Orders and Alimony

CSEA Services do NOT include:
- Visitation Issues
- Custody Issues
- Legal Representation of           

Contact us:
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Monday - Friday

740-593-5046 or



CSEA Director:
Randall L. Galbraith

Athens County Job and Family Services hosts the county's

Child Support Enforcement Agency.

The CSEA's mission is to ensure all children are supported financially by both parents.



Recent CSEA Updates:


Ohio Child Support Customer Service Portal

The Ohio Child Support Customer Service Portal allows customers with an active child support case a secure environment in which they can view their child support case information on demand.


Customers are able to view and print up to two years of child support payment data, as well as view address, employment, health insurance and support order information that is on file with the child support agency.


For more information about the portal: Child Support EA Web Portal





Employer's Resource Guide to Child Support
A newly released Employer Resource Guide was developed to help employers manage Ohio child, spousal and medical support orders. Regardless of the size of the organization or the number of individuals employed, this guide will help ensure that employee child support orders are processed accurately and timely.



Paying child support just got a little easier
Making a child support payment just got a little bit easier for those who are not able to set up automatic payments through their employer. The state has teamed up with MoneyGram, which means parents can now make payments at any Walmart, CVS or MoneyGram location.

MoneyGram is a money transfer company with 40,000 locations in the U.S. To use the service, parents need their case ID and Cause or Docket number. Paying through MoneyGram charges a $3.99 fee in addition to the payments. The company also has a mobile app that accepts payments.

The option to use MoneyGram is only available for those who are not able to set up income withholding through their employer. It’s also for those wanting to make extra payments. By law, Child Support Enforcement Agencies (CSEAs) must garnish from the obligor's pay, when that option is available. (An obligor is someone who must pay child support.)

Other payment options available when withholding is not possible include (via a bank account), (via a MasterCard), Point & Pay (via Visa, Discover, American Express or MasterCard, with a small fee based on the amount of the transaction). Payments can also be mailed directly to Child Support Payment Central in Columbus. The Athens County Job and Family Services office, where the child support agency is located, no longer accepts payments.

This announcement came just in time for Child Support Awareness month, which falls in August. The month is intended to remind parents of the importance of their financial commitment and emotional involvement in their child’s life. Most parents obligated to pay child support do so without any problems. The agency thanks those parents who put their children first.

Ohio’s child support program affects more children in the state than any other public program, except education. The CSEA unit provides many services, such as establishing paternity for children born out of wedlock, and establishing orders for child support or medical insurance. The division also modifies existing orders.

The Athens County CSEA would also like to remind parents about the convenience of the Child Support Customer Service Portal, which has been updated recently to make it even easier to use.

Through the secure portal, parents with an active case can view their information on demand. They can view and print up to two years of child support payment data, view address, employment, health insurance and support order information, communicate with the child support enforcement agency and submit changes when necessary.

To register with the Child Support Customer Service Portal, visit and click the “To access your child support case information, click here” option. From there, click “Register.”

Last year, the local CSEA collected payments for over 4,859 Athens County children each month, totaling nearly $5.2 million for the year.


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